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Dcoder code compiler ide for mobile on s8

Dcoder 1.6.0 is ready!

We know it took a lot of time for this update to come.

You may have a question, what is so special about this update?
The update is focused on External Keyboard Users, Tablet Users and Website Developers and Designers, Yes we have a brand new section for Designers where they can code their design very easily on the same screen making User Experience even better for them.
The single most important thing we thrive for at Dcoder is User Experience, where we believe we are far ahead of our competitors, you may ask how? Read ahead to get answer to those questions. Continue reading

kotlin for android studio

Why We love Kotlin (Part 1)?

The news of Kotlin being one of the official Language for Android Programming is all over the Internet, so we at Dcoder decided to give it a try and list some of the cool functions it provides along with an intro to Kotlin with Dcoder, Yes your beloved IDE.

This blog post is inspired from Intro to Kotlin Google I/O 17 by Hadi Hariri. Let’s start with some of the advantages kotlin brings over java. Continue reading