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Dcoder Christmas Challenge

We are overwhelmed with the submissions that we got on the Dcoder’s Christmas Challenge. The competition was definitely tough. First off, kudos to everyone who took part in the challenge and second to the larger community who support us.

It was a challenging task for the team at Dcoder to shortlist 3 winners out of these 500+ submissions, the winners for the Dcoder christmas challenge are:

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kotlin for android studio

Why We love Kotlin (Part 1)?

The news of Kotlin being one of the official Language for Android Programming is all over the Internet, so we at Dcoder decided to give it a try and list some of the cool functions it provides along with an intro to Kotlin with Dcoder, Yes your beloved IDE.

This blog post is inspired from Intro to Kotlin Google I/O 17 by Hadi Hariri. Let’s start with some of the advantages kotlin brings over java. Continue reading