Dcoder code compiler ide for mobile on s8

Dcoder 1.6.0 is ready!

We know it took a lot of time for this update to come.

You may have a question, what is so special about this update?
The update is focused on External Keyboard Users, Tablet Users and Website Developers and Designers, Yes we have a brand new section for Designers where they can code their design very easily on the same screen making User Experience even better for them.
The single most important thing we thrive for at Dcoder is User Experience, where we believe we are far ahead of our competitors, you may ask how? Read ahead to get answer to those questions.

Let’s start diving into what makes

Dcoder the best mobile compiler IDE for Android:

1. External Keyboard Shortcuts :
We observed many of our Community Programmers used Dcoder on their tablet/phones and even on Chrome os with External/Physical Keyboard and faced a lot of challenges while using it, We decided to solve their problems.

And now you can take most of the Actions in the app without even touching your Tablet Screen once, Amazing isn’t it?

I) CTRL+O : The shortcut is used for opening a file from the storage.
II) CTRL+Q : To Quit the app while you are on Code Now Section.
III) CTRL+ W : To Close the current opened file.
IV) CTRL+S : To save the file, you all know this one. 😛
V) CTRL+R: To Run/Compile the code, Yes you do not need to touch the tablet/phone screen just to compile your code with Dcoder, just press CTRL+R, and you get the output instantaneously.
VI) CTRL +M : To Minimize / Maximize the Output window in Dcoder, Yes we know you’ll love this. 😀

And other shortcuts like CTRL+C, CTRL+A,CTRL+V and more are also supported.

Dcoder code compiler with external keyboard

Dcoder code compiler with external keyboard

2. What is Design Now?
Design Now is a dedicated section for web designers, we were doing research on User Experience and found it very bad for Web Designers in our app, they had to save 3 files html, css,js and then link them into one html file, this is a lot of work and we do not want you to do this, so we are here again to make the experience even better.

The section introduces Dcoder proprietary .design file format, this section only supports Dcoder saved .design files, Dcoder intelligently saves your different codes into one .design file, assume it as a small project file, which combines your html,css and js for you, You don’t have to switch files and screens too, you get easy access to all the three sections of the project html,css and js on the same screen. While reading these files Dcoder understands its format and can split the sections again into their perspective ones as required.

3. Swipe to Refresh in Algoyo:

After some complaints from User, finally now Algoyo section supports the swipe to refresh and your solved questions and changes are dynamic now.

4. Improved Themes:
You are gonna love it, probably one of the best designed themes for a code editor.
Dcoder Blue code editor code compiler for mobile                                      Dcoder Blue theme Code Editor with google keyboard

5. Under the hood Changes:
This is not the complete list, there are a lot more changes under the hood we made to make it more stable and bugless.
Some of them are:
I) Memory leaks fix
II) Crash fixes
III) Resolved some Keyboard issue while users reported shift kept pressed on some Samsung keyboards.
IV) And more.

Also this version had under the hood changes we needed to be done for the future releases where you’ll see a lot more new features. Happy Coding.

Keep Coding, keep Dcoding! – Dcoder