Dcoder with Techstars M.D.

Dcoder joins Techstars family!

On Feb 4, 2019 Dcoder joined Techstars Bangalore Accelerator, which is Techstars first ever Accelerator program for emerging markets like India. Techstars is a mentorship driven accelerator program, which invests $ 120K in 10 promising startups from around the world. 

The Dcoder team is creating tools that will make it possible for the next generation of developers to code from any device. I’m excited to be supporting them to make this vision a reality.

Ray Newal – Managing Director, Techstars India

At Dcoder our goal is to make coding more accessible to coders community by building cross platform Devtools (IDE) for mobile, tablet and desktops. So now you can code directly from the device in your pocket anytime, anywhere. We strongly believe that this is going to serve as the coding platform of choice for the next billion internet users.

Over a million coders have used Dcoder till date and over 2 Million codes were compiled on Dcoder just in the month of january. We believe we have build a product that the coding community loves and we are creating a strong impact for the coders.

Under the hood Dcoder is powered by cloud based compilers i.e. you write codes on your device but to execute it we use the power of cloud, this way you are not limited to your device’s hardware and able to code in 35+ programming languages right from your mobile just with a package of 5MB.

We are excited and at the same time filled with profound gratitude. We are looking forward to work with Ray, Bala, Div and all the associates, partners and mentors of Techstars Bangalore cohort for a better “Dcoder” for all our coding community.

Expect more from Dcoder!